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Understanding Wordpress Themes

Give your website a makeover by applying a different Wordpress theme. Learn how to do this with this informative video showing you how to do this. Not all websites can simply a new theme to it. It must be built on top of a Wordpress CMS system. For more information, let's chat

How to create a MailChimp Newsletter Campaign

Want to communicate with your customers? Email is good, but there are better options available. MailChimp is probably one of the easiest marketing tools you can use to connect with your audience.
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Social Media Marketing - How it affects your business

Social media has emerged as a very powerful online marketing force in today's internet driven world. It already affects your business without you knowing. For more information, let's chat

What is a Mobile Responsive website?

Mobile Reponsive website is a website that resizes for whatever device that is viewing the website. Whether it be a desktop, tablet or mobile phone, you want your website to give users the best possible user experience.
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Ecommerce platforms - The basics

There are so many different options available, all with their pros and cons, and all differ in price. Have a view of this video and then let's chat about what best meets your requirements.


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